This system table contains cluster-level database sizes of the last 24 hours. For each cluster the information is aggregated across all nodes. All users have access to the tables.

Column Name Description
CLUSTER_NAME Name of the cluster
MEASURE_TIME Point of the measurement
RAW_OBJECT_SIZE Uncompressed data volume in GiB
MEM_OBJECT_SIZE Compressed data volume in GiB
AUXILIARY_SIZE Size in GiB of auxiliary structures like indexes
STATISTICS_SIZE Size in GiB of statistical system tables
RECOMMENDED_DB_RAM_SIZE Recommended DB RAM size in GiB to achieve the maximum system performance
STORAGE_SIZE Size of the persistent volume in GiB
USE Ratio of effectively used space of the persistent volume size in percentage
TEMP_SIZE Size of the temporary volume in GiB
OBJECT_COUNT Number of schema objects in the database.