ODBC Driver Version 24.0.0 Release Notes

This list provides an overview of all changes in ODBC driver version 24.0.0. ODBC driver version 24.0.0 was released on 2024-03-11.

Changed Behavior

Changelog Entry Changed Behavior
18806 The installation path for the JDBC and ODBC drivers on Mac OS has been revised to improve clarity and organization, ensuring a more intuitive user experience.
18720 The SDK package is no longer delivered standalone and instead is delivered with the ODBC package
18545 When using the SDK, including the parameter EXA_CONNECT_TIMEOUT is no longer supported and will instead raise the error "Unknown connection attribute type"
18391 The ODBC driver will now validate the connection string against all known parameters. If an unknown parameter is included in the connection string, an error will be returned and the connection attempt will fail.
17593 Drivers are renamed from "EXASolution" to "Exasol". Any error messages showing "EXASolution" now show "Exasol" instead.
15633 Connecttimeout parameter is removed from all drivers. If it is used, the driver will throw an error stating that connecttimeout is invalid parameter.
15067 The ODBC driver now supports nanoseconds in the fractal part. Returning the value as TIMESTAMP_STRUCT also will contain nanoseconds. The string representation from the ODBC driver will keep the ODBC format like before, but the number of fractal digits will be the same like set in the DB session.
13443 The ODBC Driver now exclusively utilizes libexaodbc.so. Other libraries (libexaodbc-dd.so, libexaodbc-uo2212.so, libexaodbc-uo2214lv1.so, and libexaodbc-uo2214lv2.so) are removed.

New Features

Changelog Entry Summary
17593 Drivers: Rename from EXASolution to Exasol
15067 ODBC can return nanoseconds in timestamps
11800 ODBC: Support for Intel and ARM Architectures on Mac OS


Changelog Entry Summary
20254 Configuring ODBC to update the shared library on Linux Platform
18806 JDBC/ODBC: New installation path on Mac OS
18786 Refined Packaging Structure for ODBC and JDBC Components on Mac OS
18720 Merge Exasol ODBC and SDK Packages
18545 SDK: Removed EXA_CONNECT_TIMEOUT parameter
18391 ODBC checks if the connection string parameter names are supported
17188 ODBC: Added support for Mac OS 13
17155 ODBC: Update of OpenSSL to OpenSSL 3
15633 Drivers: Remove deprecated parameter connecttimeout
13443 ODBC: Removed Multiple Versions of Exasol ODBC Driver on Linux
11549 Drivers: Simplified Windows default install path