JDBC Driver Version 24.0.0 Release Notes

This list provides an overview of all changes in JDBC driver version 24.0.0. JDBC driver version 24.0.0 was released on 2024-03-11.

Changed Behavior

Changelog Entry Changed Behavior
18806 The installation path for the JDBC and ODBC drivers on Mac OS has been revised to improve clarity and organization, ensuring a more intuitive user experience.
18724 The EXAplus starter tool "exaplusx64.exe" will use the Java interpreter set in the PATH variable of the console where it is started. Before it was looking for Java installation in the Windows registry.
18389 The driver will raise an error is unknown parameters are included in the connection string.
17593 Drivers are renamed from "EXASolution" to "Exasol". Any error messages showing "EXASolution" now show "Exasol" instead.
15633 Connecttimeout parameter is removed from all drivers. If it is used, the driver will throw an error stating that connecttimeout is invalid parameter.
15066 The JDBC driver now supports up to 9 digits for the fractal part. Reading timestamp values as string from the JDBC driver will give back a string in the format of the session in the DB. The default format is “yyyy-mm-dd hh:mi:ss.ffffff”. The fractal part is padded with “0” if necessary.

New Features

Changelog Entry Summary
17593 Drivers: Rename from EXASolution to Exasol
15066 JDBC can now return nanoseconds in timestamps


Changelog Entry Summary
19747 JDBC Driver: Update of Third Party Libraries
19314 Relocate Third-Party Library in JDBC Jar
18806 JDBC/ODBC: New installation path on Mac OS
18786 Refined Packaging Structure for ODBC and JDBC Components on Mac OS
18724 EXAplus on Windows will use Java from the current console
18389 JDBC: Raise Exception in case of invalid connection string argument
18201 Exaplus/Exajload: Support for Java 21
15633 Drivers: Remove deprecated parameter connecttimeout
11549 Drivers: Simplified Windows default install path

Bug Fixes

Changelog Entry Summary
19038 JDBC: IMPORT/EXPORT with local CSV may break if reserve node is specified
17483 Improved JDBC Import Query Parsing for Handling More than 10 Files
17323 EXAplus: Profile not found when multiple instance of EXAplus are in use