Release Notes - Drivers

This section contains release notes for the Exasol drivers that are required to connect to third party applications.


To enhance clarity and consistency in driver versioning, Exasol has implemented a new versioning scheme for drivers that is independent from the database. The proposed scheme, denoted as YEAR.FEATURE.BUG (for example, 24.0.0), aims to provide clear and meaningful information to users and developers regarding the age, major features, and bug fixes of the driver.

Design details

Year component

The YEAR component indicates the year the driver was released. This component allows users and developers to easily identify the age of the driver, providing a quick reference to understand the chronological context of the release. Only the last two digits of the year are utilized.

Feature component

The FEATURE component describes the major features and changes introduced in a particular driver release. This component indicates that significant updates have been made compared to the previous version. To ensure that users and developers are aware of these changes, each release is accompanied by release notes or documentation that describes important features and modifications introduced with the release.

Bug component

The BUG component focuses solely on bug fixes. This component contains a numerical value that increments with each bug fix release for a specific driver version. By segregating bug fixes into a separate component, it allows users and developers to quickly determine whether a particular release primarily addresses bug resolutions without major feature enhancements.

Compatibility information

The latest driver version is designed to be compatible with all supported Exasol databases. We recommend that you always use the latest driver version.

Release notes

To download the drivers, visit the Exasol Download Portal.