Version 8.26.0 Release Notes

This list provides an overview of all changes in version 8.26.0. Version 8.26.0 was released on 2024-03-22.

Changed Behavior

Changelog Entry Changed Behavior
19357 Exception message of queries with REGR_AVGX and REGR_AVGY having timestamp as argument has changed to "REGR_AVGX/REGR_AVGY does not support timestamp as argument type"
18870 Added support for Protegrity 9. See documentation for full list of changes.


Changelog Entry Summary
18870 Exasol support for Protegrity V9

Bug Fixes

Changelog Entry Summary
19724 Analytic function NTH_VALUE returns internal server error
19723 Analytic function NTH_VALUE produces wrong results with exclude current row and ignore nulls
19711 EXPORT to Azure Blob Storage does not work with multibyte CSV separators or delimiters
19613 Null filtering problems when zonemaps enabled and data cotain NULLs
19612 Updated the Java security manager policy for Exasol’s JDBC driver for IMPORT and EXPORT statements
19548 Rare race condition when creating backups under heavy load
19497 Coredumps generated due to snapshot backups
19357 REGR_AVGX and REGR_AVGY with timestamps don't throw an exception