Version 8.23.0 Release Notes

Please view the list below for an overview of all changes in version 8.23.0. Version 8.23.0 was released on 2023-11-06.

This version includes fixes for a security vulnerability. We strongly recommend reading the change log below and updating as soon as possible if you are affected. If you have any questions or require assistance, contact support.

Changed Behavior

Changelog Entry Changed Behavior
17969 The `infra_instances_update` job now returns a result after the modified instances are finished booting.
17968 The job infra_instances_start now waits until the instance has finished booting and is accessible before returning a result.
17957 The `infra_instances_add` job now only returns after the modified instances have finished booting.


Changelog Entry Summary
17969 `infra_instances_update` now waits for the instance to finish booting
17968 ConfD job `infra_instances_start` now waits for the instance to finish booting
17957 `infra_instances_add` now waits for the new instance to finish booting
17368 db scaling fixes and consistency improvements

Bug Fixes

Changelog Entry Summary
18069 Set correct column alias state if a derived table includes a column name list
18053 Rare race condition during statement execution
17916 GROUP BY with ORDER BY and LIMIT can lead to invalid error message
17908 Fixed Security Vulnerability in SQL Process
17523 Reading column metadata from existing connection returns inconsistent result
17517 Update using a hashtype column for comparison sometimes fails
16411 Restoring a backup from S3 could lead to too much memory usage.
16154 Large Tokens cause Internal Server Error
15732 Explicit db parameters do not show up in EXA_SYSTEM_EVENTS
12283 Improved memory footprint for analytic function on geometry type