Version 8.20.0 Release Notes

Please view the list below for an overview of all changes in version 8.20.0. Version 8.20.0 was released on 2023-07-12.

Changed Behavior

Changelog Entry Changed Behavior
17327 The Exasol parameter '-maxSystemHeapMemory' is now checked at startup to ensure that it is not above the maximum limit . If it is above the maximum limit, the limit will automatically be reset to the maximum limit and an EXAoperation warning will be generated. Exasol will then continue to start normally.
17149 Zonemaps are supported for DOUBLE data type.


Changelog Entry Summary
17149 Zonemaps support for DOUBLE type

Bug Fixes

Changelog Entry Summary
17330 Wrong result for DOUBLE filtering for BETWEEN filter
17327 Database crash caused by high system heap setting
13035 Join on HASHTYPE with 56 byte or more causes internal server error