Version 7.1.7 Release Notes

Please view the list below for an overview of all changes in version 7.1.7. Version 7.1.7 was released on 2022-03-16.

Changed Behavior

Changelog Entry Changed Behavior
14476 Updated pandas from 0.22 to 1.1.5
14096 The Exasol ADO.NET and ODBC driver will not set snapshot transactions by default to "OFF" at connect time.
13863 ODBC: Truncation of string values follows ODBC standards (SQLGetData, SQLFetch or SQLFetchScroll)
12960 The HASHTYPE is extended to allow zero hash values (e.g. ‘0000-0000’). During the update to this database version all HASHTYPE columns will be migrated to the new storage format. This migration may take a while, depending on the number of HASHTYPE values. The new format requires an extra byte per row, so will use more memory.

New Features

Changelog Entry Summary
11680 Improvements for encrypted client connection handling


Changelog Entry Summary
14476 Updated Script Language Container
14248 JDBC: IMPORT/EXPORT LOCAL CSV/FBV: include file names of local files into auditing data
14199 Reduced compile time for queries with nested WITH clauses
13945 Adjusted ssh-server configurations as recommended by TR-02102-4
13863 ODBC: Truncation of string values follows ODBC standards
13751 IMPORT FROM JDBC: Allow sources without JDBC Connection.rollback() method
12960 HASHTYPE accepts values of all zeroes

Bug Fixes

Changelog Entry Summary
14371 Sustained very high load may cause database restart
14270 Client connections using TLS may be disconnected during log rotation
14225 Filter on rowid can return deleted rows
14195 IMPORT/EXPORT using JDBC may fail during log rotation
14096 ODBC and ADO.NET deactivates Snapshot Mode
14091 Metadata requests may cause a database restart in rare conditions
14045 Filters on Hashtype columns with a local index may fail
13969 ODBC connection may fail when CONNECTTIMEOUT=0
13930 DELETE with IN predicate containing expressions in WHERE clause may fail on empty tables
13796 SCALAR RETURN UDFs with large input and output data may produce wrong results
13768 Hanging query or logserver due to race conditions in communication layer
13727 TLS: Unexpected client disconnects may cause sessions and logins to hang in rare cases
13675 Internal server error when using a comparing column from outer subselect with scalar-joined subquery
13527 ODBC: Connection to pre-TLS DB may fail
13432 DML statements may not finish due to extremely rare race condition
12476 Deadlock in log server may prevent updating auditing and statistics tables
7187 IMPORT FROM SCRIPT with table name instead of required column definition crashes