Version 7.1.2 Release Notes

Please view the list below for an overview of all changes in version 7.1.2. Version 7.1.2 was released on 2021-10-20.

This version includes fixes for a security vulnerability. We strongly recommend reading the change log below and updating as soon as possible if you are affected. If you have any questions or require assistance, contact support.


Changelog Entry Summary
13119 Increased max RSA key length for TLS certificates to 8192 bits
12970 OpenID Connect: Support for Microsoft Azure AD as an OpenID Connect authorization server
12957 OpenID Connect: allow to enforce validation of access token issuer/audience
12909 Improved compile time for tables with a very high number of columns
12836 Support for iODBC connection attribute SQL_DM_CP_UCS4
12509 Reduced TEMP usage of LOCAL expression on analytic function

Bug Fixes

Changelog Entry Summary
13215 ODBC: Client unable to create socket Error
13125 Delayed connect via JDBC
13079 JDBC: In windows export/import SQL query produces an Base64 error
13056 Database fails to start after cluster enlargement due to exceeded schema raw size limits
13049 JDBC: Incorrect behaviour when the Exasol driver is tested against a non-Exasol database
12947 Fixed Security Vulnerability
12944 Rare race condition could cause rejected connections
12918 SECURITY: Password security policy: MAX_FAILED_LOGIN_ATTEMPTS is not properly enforced for WebSocket connections
12873 IMPORT/EXPORT statements may hang in rare circumstances
12603 VARCHAR - HASHTYPE join does not always throw exception
12356 Wrong results with multiple joins on Equal-Or-Both-Null on common columns
12313 Connected token "NOT EXISTS" leads to syntax error
12163 IS JSON WITH[OUT] UNIQUE KEYS raises syntax error in WHERE clause
11618 ADO.NET: create new connection fails for SQL Server Analysis Services 2017
10985 ODBC: Installation on Windows may fail
7960 Wrong results for UDFs in VALUES on multi-node systems
7110 Windows 2008 ODBC Data Source Administrator 32 bit hangs if multiple DSN are configured