Version 7.1.0 Release Notes

Please view the list below for an overview of all changes in version 7.1.0. Version 7.1.0 was released on 2021-08-03.

Changed Behavior

Changelog Entry Changed Behavior
12571 getLargeMaxRows() will return the correct value if maxRows were set in setLargeMaxRows() or setMaxRows()
12513 On first database startup all last day profile data will be truncated.
12190 Sessions with open prepared statements only are not counted as active sessions any more.
11966 Autocommit is enabled by default for all client connections. The default behavior for autocommit in websocket connections was changed to have autocommit enabled.
11796 Session and system query_timeout was changed from decimal(9,0) to decimal(6,0) to be consistent with the query_timeout column of EXA_ALL_SESSIONS, EXA_DBA_SESSIONS and EXA_USER_SESSIONS. The upper limit for session and system query_timeout is now 999999 seconds.
11226 1. You can now put whitespace between the identifier parts and dots for fully-qualified identifiers. (This is the change requested by this SPOT!) 2. If a fully-qualified identifier has a quoted component then some checks on the other components were not performed. This has been fixed, so the components of identifiers such as '"S".X$T1' and 'S.*."C"' must now be quoted correctly as '"S"."X$T1"' and 'S."*"."C"'. 3. A dot without any digits on either side used to be parsed as zero but now is not. So 'select . as ZERO' is no longer allowed.
10983 Added VALUES BETWEEN syntax
10928 The extra database parameter *{{-disableOuterJoinRemoval}}* has been removed. Instead, the new parameter *{{-outerJoinRemovalLevel}}* is introduced.
10912 Added MIN_SCALE(), a new scalar function.
10832 The Virtual Schema API no longer contains the following fields for scalar functions: numArgs, variableInputArgs, infix. The GROUP_CONCAT separator changed from string to a literal_string expression. Two aggregate function and capability names changed from geo_intersection_aggregate and geo_union_aggregate to ST_INTERSECTION and ST_UNION.
10709 Lua scripts using "module" to define modules or table.maxn need to be adjusted. Check the official Lua documentation for the full list of changes.
10248 New ALTER SYSTEM/SESSION syntax added to set Snapshot Mode. Default has been changed from 'OFF' (disabled) to 'SYSTEM TABLES'. Command line parameter -enableSystemTablesSnapshotMode has been removed. The profiling and audit tables have been changed to improve logging for the feature.
8946 Interface change, deprecated DWAConnection is removed.

New Features

Changelog Entry Summary
12595 JDBC: New Java Method getFunctions(...)
12571 Implementation of JDBC 4.2 getLargeMaxRows()
11796 Consumer group: query timeout
11515 Consumer group: idle session timeout
11429 JDBC: Support for Custom Sockets
10983 Add syntax to generate a range of values
10912 Add scalar function MIN_SCALE
10769 Add scalar function TYPEOF
10671 Lua support for Virtual Schema Adapter Scripts
10248 Add SQL interface and system table for transaction Snapshot Mode
9170 Exasol OpenID Connect support
8945 Support for JDBC Standard 4.2 on Java 8
6507 TLS for all Exasol drivers


Changelog Entry Summary
12618 Improved handling of network interruptions for backup validation/restore to/from cloud storage
12513 Improved runtime of EXA_*_PROFILE_LAST_DAY views
12472 ADO.NET: Improved installer
12237 Improved retry mechanism for backup validations
12190 Improved active session management for open prepared statements
12095 Improved handling of connections which do not login
11966 Websockets: Enable autocommit by default
11792 Disabled deprecated ssh key exchanges
11584 Logserver robustness to invalid system timezones
11430 Improved retry mechanism for backup finalization
11355 CLUSTER_NAME is renamed from MASTER to MAIN
11242 Unified syntax for renaming table value constructor
11226 Allow whitespace between components of fully-qualified identifiers
11203 Improved compile time in some DML operations
10928 Optimizer: Extended Outer Join Conversion
10832 Virtual Schemas: Simplified Function API
10804 Virtual Schemas: Added Pushdown of COUNT of Tuple
10709 Embedded Lua interpreter updated to version 5.4
10428 Improved performance of user, role and privileges system tables
10235 Improved Text Contrast and Readability in EXAoperation
9092 Full type deduction for nulls in tuples
8946 JDBC Module: DWAConnection class is removed
5109 Introduction of COLUMN STATISTICS in profiling tables
4177 Improve compile time for complex queries
2765 Improved reordering of local filter expressions

Bug Fixes

Changelog Entry Summary
15398 Drivers with deactivated encryption may silently enable encryption
14029 RPC call may cause a database restart
12434 Multiplication on very large decimal numbers may return wrong results
12416 Profiling on system level may cause unresponsiveness
12247 Insufficient default settings for security relevant HTTP response headers
12234 Fixed vulnerability in UDF framework
12178 JDBC getUpdateCount() may return wrong value for very large results
11748 Degrading system performance caused by snapshot execution
11693 CONNECT BY LEVEL: Using START WITH and LEVEL may cause internal server error
11652 Microsoft Access 32 bit crashes if long varchar columns are imported
11569 Default JDBC connect timeout not consistent with documentation
11509 Preview Feature "experimental optimizer" runs for a long time for a query with many joins and atleast one cross join
11306 Queries to EXA_*_SCRIPTS crash if custom script language names are too long
11285 Oracle InstantClient unavailable after update to Exasol 7.x
11195 Wrong column names in UNION ALL
11075 Queries on EXA_DBA/USER_PROFILE_RUNNING containing sessions of dropped users may fail
10992 Long restore time for uncompressed backups on remote volumes
10987 Wrong results with date arithmetic for dates in October 1582
10948 SECURITY: Denial of Service Attack via specially crafted network packets
10940 Exaoperation Monitoring page vulnerable to XSS attack
10680 Docker Release: Backups are removed immediately after they are completed
10535 Results of LUA UDF that returns math.random() are not deterministic with same seed
10474 Storage disks can fail to activate on boot
8959 Virtual schema filter pushdown may fail if expression is reused
8225 Incorrect results when combining WHERE FALSE, aggregations, and UNION