Loading Data using Generic JDBC

This section provides you with instructions on how to connect to a database and import data using the JDBC driver. If you need further assistance, contact support.


  • JDBC driver downloaded and installed
  • Exasol database running

Add JDBC Driver

Follow the procedure described in Add JDBC Drivers to upload the settings.cfg configuration file and the JDBC driver jar file(s).

Run Statement

Run the following statement to create a connection.

    TO '<JDBC connection string>'
    USER 'sys'
    IDENTIFIED BY 'exasol123';

Run the following statement to test the connection.

select * from 
import from JDBC at JDBC_CON1
statement 'select 1'

Load Data

You can use the IMPORT statement to load data using the connection you created above. IMPORT supports loading data from a table or a SQL statement.