Exasol On-Prem

This section provides an overview of how to deploy and start using Exasol in your own environment.

Step 1: Installation and Configuration

Exasol 8 can be installed as a Linux application running either on your own hardware or on a private or public cloud.

To learn more about how to install Exasol as an application, see Installation.

Step 3: Load Data

After you have connected your choice of tools to Exasol, you can start loading data into Exasol and process it.

To learn more about loading data into Exasol, see Load Data.

Step 4: Administration

When your Exasol system is up and running you may want to perform various administration tasks, such as scaling your system, managing storage, adding users, and so on.

To learn more about administration tasks in Exasol, see Administration (On-Prem).