Storage Requirements

This section describes general requirements and recommendations regarding storage in Exasol.

Storage requirements

  • At least 4 storage drives with minimum 250 MBps read/write capacity per drive
  • All OS and storage disks should have RAID 1 (or similar fault tolerance)
  • RAID 1 disks must be passed directly to storage – nested RAID levels such as RAID 10 are not supported
  • OS disks must have at least 150 GiB free disk space after installation
  • Swap partition (use size recommended by OS vendor)

Supported storage types/technologies

  • Sparse file devices hosted on a filesystem like ext4 or XFS (NFS is not supported)
  • Block devices (local storage SAS, SSD, NVMe, virtual disks, or remote storage iSCSI/SAN)
  • LVM2
  • LUKS