Advanced Deployment

This section describes some more advanced deployment scenarios for Exasol 8 on AWS using Exasol Deployment Tool (c4). Make sure you have read Basic Deployment using c4 and understand the basic steps for deploying Exasol on AWS before continuing.

For more details of how to configure and use c4, see Exasol Deployment Tool (c4).


  • AWS account with an active Exasol subscription
  • Exasol deployment tool (c4) installed and configured on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS AMI. For more information, see Install c4
  • Server access to official Ubuntu package repositories for updates
  • Relevant permissions for the AWS user creating the database. For more information, see Configure c4 for AWS.

Existing VPC

By default, c4 play creates a new Amazon VPC with the deployment. You can also create a deployment using an existing VPC. In this case no VPC, subnet, internet gateway, routes, or endpoints will be created, and the ones of the existing VPC will be used instead.

To deploy using an existing VPC you must include a number of parameters in your c4 play command or add them in your c4 configuration file before you start the deployment. These parameters are described below.

Parameter Name Value Description
CCC_AWS_NEW_VPC true (default) A new VPC will be automatically created with the deployment.
false A VPC must be specified it in the following parameters.
CCC_AWS_SUBNET_ID <subnet ID of the VPC>

Identifier of the network to be used for the deployment.

The subnet ID is found in the AWS Console.


The IP address range that will be used for the nodes.

This range does not always equal to the range set on the network and should therefore be set explicitly.

The CIDR is determined in the AWS Console.


Instances role

The deployment instances will be either assigned an existing Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM) role that is specified in the c4 configuration, or a new IAM profile can be created with the deployment.

Parameter Name Value Description

A new AWS IAM profile will be created with the deployment


The IAM profile specified in CCC_AWS_IAM_PROFILE will be used

CCC_AWS_IAM_PROFILE (string) Name of the AWS IAM role to use

Existing Security Group

To use an existing security group within an existing VPC, add the following parameter to your c4 configuration file.

Parameter Name Value Description

The security group ID is found in the AWS Console

If set to false or not set, a new security group will be created with the deployment.


# CCC_AWS_SECURITY_GROUP_ID= (not specified = one will be created)