Manual Backup

This section explains how to manually create a backup of a database.


Do not add or remove nodes on the archive volume or on the data volume being backed up while a backup is in progress.

Do not stop the database while a backup is in progress.


  1. In EXAoperation, go to Configuration > EXASolution and click the database instance you want to back up.
  2. In the database instance screen that is displayed, select Backup from the Actions drop down list and click Submit.
  3. The Create Database Backup screen is displayed.
  4. Set the following parameters for the manual backup:
  5. Parameter Description
    Archive Volume Select the volume where the database must be stored. Only archive volumes are available for selection.

    Set whether the backup is a full or incremental backup:

    • Full backup - the entire database is backed up.
    • Incremental backup - only changes since the last back up are saved.

    The backup levels work as follows:

    • Level 0 is a full backup
    • Level 1 is an incremental backup to the full backup (only changes since the full backup are saved)
    • Level 2 is an incremental backup to level 1 (only changes since the level 1 backup are saved)
    • Level 3 is an incremental backup to level 2 (only changes since the level 2 backup are saved)
    • And so on until level 9.
    Expire The period of time until the stored backup expires.

  6. Click Start Backup to begin the backup process. The backup will run in the background.