Version 7.0.20 Release Notes

Please view the list below for an overview of all changes in version 7.0.20. Version 7.0.20 was released on 2022-08-18.


Changelog Entry Summary
15202 Improved retry mechanism for remote backups

Bug Fixes

Changelog Entry Summary
15246 Backup failure may cause a database restart.
15149 Indexscan returns empty result for some in-lists with more than 1024 values on systems with many cpu cores
15099 Incorrect results in queries with multiple range conditions and indexes
15062 Wrong results from PL/SQL function that returns HASHTYPE on large VARCHAR inputs
15053 Comparison between "Timestamp with local time zone" and "Date" datatypes ignores time zone
15031 RAW_OBJECT_SIZE may include rows marked as deleted
14845 EXAOperation may fail to restart, affecting overall system performance
14714 Cloud data nodes boot outdated kernel
14036 Prevent DOS caused by unauthorised network traffic