Version 7.0.11 Release Notes

Please view the list below for an overview of all changes in version 7.0.11. Version 7.0.11 was released on 2021-07-16.

Changed Behavior

Changelog Entry Changed Behavior
11998 TEMP_DB_RAM_LIMIT is now (correctly) applied to the system usage of TEMP instead of to the node usage of TEMP, resulting in earlier query aborts due to TEMP DB RAM usage.


Changelog Entry Summary
12369 Optimized background statistics historization
12095 Improved handling of connections which do not login

Bug Fixes

Changelog Entry Summary
12566 EXA_DBA_RESTRICTED_OBJ_PRIVS contains reference to deleted object
12514 Internal server error for set functions in WITH clauses
12463 Query may fail due to constant folding and propagation
12434 Multiplication on very large decimal numbers may return wrong results
12416 Profiling on system level may cause unresponsiveness
12209 Virtual schema error with analytic function and ORDER BY
11998 TEMP_DB_RAM_LIMIT is not checked system wide but per node
11614 EXAOperation: Logging Service View does not auto-refresh
11195 Wrong column names in UNION ALL
10527 JDBC: Comments in import into/from local csv command may return an error
9908 Internal server error in Analytic Functions with Virtual Schema and Order by expression
8959 Virtual schema filter pushdown may fail if expression is reused