Version 7.0.10 Release Notes

Please view the list below for an overview of all changes in version 7.0.10. Version 7.0.10 was released on 2021-06-05.


Changelog Entry Summary
12237 Improved retry mechanism for backup validations
11430 Improved retry mechanism for backup finalization

Bug Fixes

Changelog Entry Summary
12266 EXA_DBA_DEPENDENCIES and EXA_DBA_DEPENDENCIES_RECURSIVE unusable when dropping schemas of dependent objects
12251 Analytic REGR_* functions and COVAR_POP return internval server error in combination with UNION ALL
12247 Insufficient default settings for security relevant HTTP response headers
12234 Fixed vulnerability in UDF framework
12227 BETWEEN SYMMETRIC is treated as normal BETWEEN on columns with an index
12028 Analytic function with window frame may cause "Internal server error"
12007 In very rare cases, SQL Client aborts can lead to an unresponsive database
11458 CONNECT BY Operators CONNECT_BY_ROOT and PRIOR in the select list are not supported for HASHTYPE
11349 EXA_DBA_* tables incomplete for users with SELECT ANY DICTIONARY