Release Notes

Exasol 7.0 brings significant features, performance improvements, a number of optimizations, and bug fixes. To view the packages and details about the release, see the Exasol Downloads portal.

Main Features

Feature Description Documentation

Hash Data Type

In many scenarios, like in data vault, hash or UUID keys are used to model primary keys. Users can now use the new native HASHTYPE data type instead of CHAR. This native type significantly improves the speed of joins and reduces the memory usage.

See Data type documentation (and subpages) and function documentation for the new HASHTYPE functions.

Resource Management

Limit query usage of temporary memory with consumer groups.

For more details about the feature, see Resource Manager.

Native JSON Functions

Processing JSON has long been possible with user-defined functions. However, with 7.0, new native functions are being added to significantly speed up JSON processing using powerful JSONPath expressions.

Following functionality has been added:

  1. JSON_VALUE() function to extract a single value
  2. JSON_EXTRACT() function to extract multiple values
  3. IS JSON function - a predicate to validate if a given document is valid JSON
For more details about the feature, see JSON Functions.

Join Speedup

The performance of joining large tables (so called global join) was significantly improved. Not Applicable

Insert speedup for partitioned tables

Improved performance of INSERT into a partitioned table.

Not Applicable

USAGE privilege for schemas

Improved the speed of metadata access by introducing a new object privilege USAGE that can be granted on schemas. It will be required to access schemas and its contained objects.

For more details about the feature, see USAGE Privilege.

Fast Metadata Queries for Websockets

Earlier Exasol versions introduced a significant speedup for standard metadata calls of JDBC, ODBC, and ADO.NET.
This functionality is now available for WebSockets via additional methods such as getTables() and getColumns().

Not Applicable

Support Azure Blob Storage natively in IMPORT/EXPORT

IMPORT and EXPORT can now be used to read and write data directly from/to Microsoft Azure Blob storage containers.

For details about this feature, see Load Data from Azure Blob Storage.

JDBC 4.1 Support

The JDBC driver now supports the JDBC 4.1 standard.

Not Applicable

ADO.NET supports .NET Core

The ADO.NET drivers now support the new .NET Core standard, allowing them to be used on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Not Applicable


Exasol now implements the QUALIFY clause as an extension of the SQL standard.

For more details about the QUALIFY clause, refer to the SELECT statement.

Preview Features

Feature Description

Reworked Optimizer for Improved Join Queues

Exasol's new join order optimizer, EXPERIMENTAL, inspects many more join orders, is easier to extend in the future, and has cleaner interfaces to the cost model and the cardinality estimation. By default, EXPERIMENTAL is deactivated. For more information, see New Join Order Optimizer in Exasol.

Lock-free Metadata

Accessing metadata automatically using snapshot execution mode (without acquiring read locks on underlying system tables).

Released Versions