ExaCloud is a database-as-a-service provided by Exasol. Unlike typical public cloud providers, ExaCloud provides you with dedicated bare metal systems, tailored to the needs of high-performance analytics. It is an affordable and scalable solution that delivers high-performance analytics, time-critical, complex analysis, BI and ad hoc reporting and expertise. ExaCloud gives you the in-cloud freedom you want with the support and protection that you need for your data.

Try ExaCloud

If you are new to Exasol, our Demo system is the quickest and easiest way to learn and explore the fastest database. You first need to register to get access to the Free Trial. Next, you will receive details on how to access the Free Trial.

ExaCloud Benefits

Some of the benefits of using ExaCloud are: 

  • Provides a full service that covers database installation, operation, administration, updates, 24X7 monitoring, and incident management.
  • Dedicated and optimized hardware.
  • Implementation, Update, and administration of your analytic database is taken care by Exasol professionals.
  • Flexible scalability of your system.
  • Pay only for the analytics you need.
  • Cloud backed up by Exasol professional.
  • Provide fail safety and business continuity.