Profiling Information

For some issues, you might be required to provide profiling information for a problematic query. To get this information, you need to do the following:

  1. Run a test of the problematic statement with profiling switched on.
  2. Get the log files for this test session.

Step 1: Run a test of the problematic statement with profiling switched on

To run a test of the problematic statement with profiling switched on:

  1. Open a new database connection. For example, using DB Visualizer or any using desired client.
  2. Copy the problematic SQL query into the following statement, and execute it:
    set autocommit on;
      alter session set profile='on';
      <insert your query here>;
      alter session set profile='off';
      alter session set NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS='.,';
      alter session set NLS_TIMESTAMP_FORMAT='YYYY-MM-DD HH:MI:SS.ff3';
      flush statistics;
      export (
        select *
        where session_id = current_session
      into LOCAL CSV
      FILE 'profile_output.csv';
  3. Attach the generated CSV file to your support ticket.

Step 2: Get the log files for the test session

In this step, you will be requesting logs for a specific session. This will only work if you run step 1 after 04:00 am on the same day that you are downloading the log files. In other words, you need to perform both step 1 and step 2 on the same day after 04:00 am.

  1. Open EXAoperation and go to Services > Support.
  2. Set up the options on the Debug Information screen as follows:
    • No Cluster Logs / Coredumps
    • No Process Backtraces
    • Select all nodes
    • Select the impacted database
    • Select Session and enter the identifier of the test session you ran in step 1 (use the SELECT CURRENT_SESSION statement to get this)
    • Set the start and stop dates for the day the issue occurred
  3. Click Download Debug Information to download the file locally, or Store Debug Information into Archive Volume to save the file to a remote server.

  4. Attach the log files to your support ticket.