Minimum Network Setup

In order to run an Exasol cluster efficiently, all nodes (management and data) require at least two dedicated network interfaces. If running on-premises, those nodes also need an integrated Out-of-Band Management Interface which might be shared or dedicated (for example, DELL calls them 'iDRAC' and HP calls them 'iLO').

For best performance with modern hardware (after 2015), we recommend using at least two 10GBit/s network interfaces for internal cluster communication (Database and Storage) and one 1GBit/s network interface for client-side communication.

If you use Lights Out Management, it is recommended that each node have an Out-of-Band Management Interface of at least 1GBit/s. The LOM interface can be shared or dedicated.

The below graphic shows an example of a typical 10GBit/s Network Setup including:

  • 1 x 1GBit/s for client-side communication (eth3 connected to VLAN ID 2)
  • 2 x 10GBit/s for internal cluster communication (eth0 connecting to VLAN ID 1 for the database, eth1 connecting to VLAN ID 3 for storage)
  • 1 x 1GBit/s Out-of-Band Management Interface (LOM)

The license server in this example is utilizing VLAN tagging to access VLAN ID 1 and VLAN ID 3 through a single network interface card.