Install the License Node

After completing the required Preparation, you can install the license node also known as license server or management node. The license node enables the initial installation, configuration, and first-boot of all other data nodes.

After completing this step, you can open EXAoperation by typing the IP address in your web browser and proceed with further phases of the installation process.


  • Ensure that you have downloaded the Exasol ISO file from the page.
  • You have done the required Preparation.


Do the following to install the license node:

  1. Boot up the Exasol ISO image.

  2. At the command line prompt, type Install and press ENTER.
  3. Select OK to acknowledge the unsupported hardware message (this is a CentOS message).

  4. Enter the hard drive to install to and select OK to confirm.

    Encrypting a device is optional. However, we recommend you to encrypt the device. When the Encrypt device is checked, on rebooting the license server, you must provide a password for the disk.

  5. If there are multiple private networks, enter the number in Number of tagged private VLANs and select OK.

  6. Select Install EXACluster OS on first boot and select OK.

  7. Set a strong password for the maintenance user and select OK.

    The license server has an English keyboard layout. When setting passwords, use an English keyboard layout to ensure the password you type is what you expect it to be.

  8. Set the IP addresses of your network and select OK (the IP address in the screenshot is an example).

  9. Check that the network information is correct and change it if necessary. Select OK to continue.

    The installation process will now start. Once it has completed, the system will reboot automatically.

  10. Boot up the system from the local hard drive.

Once you have completed these steps, you can log into the terminal (or by ssh) using the login name maintenance and the maintenance password you set up in Step 7 to obtain the IP address for the license node.

Next Step

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