Delete Users

This section explains how you can delete users from the EXAoperation user interface or using XML-RPC.

These are not the database users. These are EXAoperation users.

Using EXAoperation

Do the following to delete a user:

  1. In EXAoperation, select Configuration > Access Management.
  2. In the Users tab, select the user you want to delete and click Delete.

    Delete a user in Exasol


Do the following to delete a user using XML-RPC:

  1. Run the following commands to import the XML-RPC packages:
  2. from xmlrpc.client import ServerProxy
    from xmlrpc.client import ServerProxy as xmlrpc

  3. Run the following command to create a connection with your Exasol cluster:
    import ssl
    server = ServerProxy ('https://user:password@<IP_Address>/cluster1', context=ssl._create_unverified_context (), allow_none = True)
  4. Run any of the following commands to create a user.
    server.deleteUserByLogin('<user login name>')