Download Database Statistics

You can use EXAoperation to collect and download database statistics such as, dbsize, dbusage, monitor, profiling, sqls, stats_version, systemevents, and table_stats.

Do the following to download the statistics:

  1. Log in to EXAoperation user interface.
  2. Click the database instance in ServicesEXASolution.

    The database should be online for statistics collection.

  3. On the EXASolution Instance page, click Statistics button.

  4. Enter the following information on the Download Statistics page:
    • Database user credentials: Enter the user name and password for the database user.
    • Time Interval: Select the duration for the statistics. You can choose current and previous month, or a custom date range.

  5. Click Download button.

    The statistics will be downloaded as a zip file with all stats as CSV files.