Exasol is easily integrated with Tableau and provides Tableau customers the power to visualize and analyze very large live data. Tableau has a native connector to Exasol which makes it easy for you to establish a connection.

This topic provides you with information on how to connect Tableau to Exasol. For this, you must make sure you have Exasol ODBC driver installed on your operating system.

For more information on creating content on tableau, refer to the training videos on Tableau.


  • Exasol ODBC driver installed on your operating system. You can download the driver from the Exasol downloads section.
  • Both the Exasol database and the host with Tableau must be able to communicate with each other through a network.

Quick Start

This quick start video shows how to connect an Exasol database to Tableau.

Connect Tableau to Exasol

Follow these steps to connect tableau to Exasol database: 

  1. Start Tableau, in the left side menu on the Tableau Desktop, under To a Server select More.
  2. From the list select Exasol.
  3. In the dialog box, enter the connection information: 
    • Enter the name of the server and port number. The default port for Exasol is 8563.
    • Enter the user name and password.
    • Note: If this is a new Exasol instance or if you are using the Community Edition of Exasol, then the default user name is Sys and default password is exasol.

    • Select Sign In.
  4. On the Data Source page, select your Schema from the drop-down list.
  5. Under Table, drag and drop the desired table to the right side of the screen. Once you have all the required tables, you can create worksheets and dashboards.
  6. Note: We recommend you to keep a live connection to the database and avoid creating any extracts.

  7. Click on Sheet 1 to create a new worksheet and start your analysis.