Qlik Sense

This section provides you with information on how to connect Qlik Sense desktop tool to Exasol using ODBC connection.


The following environment is used as an example:

  • Qlik Sense for Windows.
  • Windows Operation System


  • An Exasol environment that is accessible from your Windows environment.
  • A system ODBC connection which points to the Exasol instance. For details about how to configure the ODBC driver, see Using the ODBC Driver. Refer to the example ODBC connection image below:
  • Qlik Sense for Windows installed. Refer to Qlik, for download and installation instructions

Connect Qlik Sense to Exasol

Follow these steps to connect Qlik Sense desktop tool to an Exasol instance using ODBC connection:

  1. In Qlik Sense Desktop, from the Qlik Sense Desktop Hub, click on Create New App.
  2. In the Create New App dialog box, type the name of your new app and click Create, and then click Open app.
  3. Click Add data from files and other sources, and in the next screen click on ODBC.
  4. In the Create New Connection (ODBC) dialog box, select your DSN. If your data source requires authentication, then type your credentials in the Username and Password fields.
  5. Click Create. This action will create and open a connection.
  6. The Owner drop-down list displays the schemas in your Exasol database. Select the desired schema. As an example, in the below screenshot RETAIL is selected as the owner.
  7. All the tables for the selected schema is displayed. You can further choose tables and preview the data in the right hand panel. Individual columns can be selected by clicking the Metadata option. When you are done including tables, click Add data.
  8. The selected data is now imported into Qlik Sense. Once the connection is established, dynamic queries can be run through the Direct Query option within Qlik Sense. For more information, refer to Direct Query.

Load Data Using Direct Query

Using the Direct Query option allows you to view the latest or current data without importing all data into the datasets. Direct Query in Qlik Sense allows you access tables and load data using the Direct Discover function. For additional information, refer to Direct Query and Direct Discovery on Qlik.

You can follow the below steps to load data using the Direct Query option:

  1. Open Qlik Sense Desktop. If you can either create a new connection or use an exciting data connection.
  2. Open the data load editor and add your script. The Data load progress dialog is displayed.
  3. Click Load data on the upper right corner of the screen to run the script. This pre-calculates the distinct values and a summary is displayed.

Sample Script

Below is a sample script to load data using the Direction Query option on Qlik Sense.


      NATIVE('  ''['' || longitude || '','' || latitude || '']'' ') as GeoCoord


   TAG FIELDS GeoCoord WITH $geopoint;